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Holistic Coach™ Certification

Holistic:  Integrating Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Intuitive Aspects of Self

Coach:  Teaching the Skills of Self Empowerment • Supporting Others in Self Discovery and Life Changes

Our workshops combine lecture, demonstration, discussion and practice opportunities that allow participants to integrate the information presented with their own life experiences.  We take care to provide an emotionally safe atmosphere for growth and development and encourage people to participate within their own level of healthy limits and boundaries.   

We challenge participants to engage in new and expanded ways of connecting emotionally, mentally and spiritually, with self and others and honor each individual for their unique contributions to the wisdom that unfolds in each workshop. 

Workshops may be taken in any order based on your individual preferences and schedule.  

These powerful programs provide the tools for participating in life with confidence and clarity, improving relationships, deepening spiritual awareness, and creating safe and valuing environments for self and others.  Discover your unique inner wisdoms for living life with passion and joy.   

You will develop skills in Gestalt techniques, metaphor healing, active listening and responding, hypnosis, stress reduction, body energy work, complementary health care and much more.   Our workshops are open to anyone interested in self exploration and growth.   

Enrich Your Life Experience Through  

  • Trusting Intuition
  • Listening With Your Heart
  • Developing Authentic Communication Practices
  • Observing Life’s Imperfections With Compassion
  • Safe and Valuing Acknowledgement of Self & Others
  • Embracing Your Unique Gifts
  • Balancing Mental, Emotional & Physical Energy
  • Connecting Spiritually


We are currently in the process of revising our Holistic Coach™ Certification Program.   If you are interested in Certification, please call 614-888-9941 for more information. 


The Holistic Coaching Institute
Columbus, Ohio