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Holistic Coaching creates lasting behavioral changes through re-patterning conscious, subconscious, and unconscious beliefs. The Holistic Coach  works with the intuitive, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of each individual in integrated process of facilitation.  The Holistic Coaching Institute and affiliate organizations provide training for professional development in Holistic Kinesiology™ and other modalities which foster self growth, self empowerment and change.

The Holistic Coach™ Certification Program prepares participants for professional coaching careers and provides health and wellness with additional skills for working with clients.

Coaching for Coaches is a membership association for Professional Coaches and other Health and Wellness Practitioners who want to contribute and receive insights that help them motivate themselves and their clients to achieve a prosperous life emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and intuitively.

John A. McMullin, H.C. provides direction for The Holistic Coaching Institute. He has been training coaches for over 15 years. An experienced lecturer, John facilitates workshops on numerous self growth and professional development topics. He maintains a busy private Holistic Coaching™ practice. He is publisher of Holistic Discoveries a bimonthly print and internet magazine which provides a venue for exploring holistic wellness concepts.

The Holistic Coaching Institute
Columbus, Ohio